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NxGTR Car Performance Simulator
NxGTR Simulator
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Step 1: Manage your garage
Once you login into the platform, you will have access to the full panel of options, including car-creation wizards and track designers, however, for a first hands-on glance we recommend going the old-school way and design your car from scratch. Just click the Nissan Nx2000 image on the top right.
Step 2: Design your car
Carefully go for each of the main tabs, including Engine, Drivetrain, Body, and Wheels, you can leave the other more advanced fields default for now. Be careful to input realistic values. It will be a great experience to have your first design; basic things such as torque and horsepower curves can trick some car enthusiasts as some values are not theoretically possible.

Here is a 2007 Pontiac Solstice GXP datasheet for inspiration.
Step 3: Save/Update your car
Once you complete your design, you can use the controls on the top-right to save (blue disc icon) or update (gray icon with arrows) as needed. The platform will ask you if you are ready to test it. You can either proceed with yes, or if you prefer, you can go back with the top-left arrow back to the main console and access the simulations tests directly from the green manual shifter icon (right to car management). We recommend going directly to the tests!, so answer yes!
Step 4: Select your test
Once you are in the test selection dashboard (either from car management or from the main menu using the green manual shifter icon), you can pick the test that best fits your needs, for starters, the Magazine test is the easiest to enjoy, just select it on the top-left.
Step 5: Run simulations
Just select your car at the top of the screen, and click "Run Test". Sit back and enjoy the engine sound as it revs all the way to the optimal point (or as configured if you used advanced setup!). Multiple parameters are shown for your reference! If you feel adventurous you can even shift up yourself!
Step 6: Explore Simulations
Go back from Magazine simulation on the top left (blue arrow), if you feel like a more interactive experience, launch the optional 3D add-on, which will let you drive your own car designs, with a set of pre-design tracks or even your own creations.
Step 7: Let's just enjoy
At this point, all we have left to say is we hope you enjoy or software. Have fun. Learn. Improve.

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